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With over 10 years expertise in HR and People Management, Monica is a results-focused Human Resource Administrator who delivers workforce solutions that help companies harness the full power of their most valuable asset – employee engagement. The vast majority of Monica’s HR career has been concentrated in providing high-quality consultative advice to a financial and banking workforce of over 9000 multi-state employees. In addition, Monica has also provided strategic business partnerships to healthcare, payment integrity, information technology, and educational industry organizations. She is dedicated to creating robust corporate cultures that deploy talent management strategies that drive achievement of business goals and motivate employees to realize their full potential, so they are engaged in the business’ bottom line.

As a seasoned negotiator, Monica is particularly experienced in the areas of strategic coaching advice to operational managers. She is adept in leadership coaching, developing positive working relationships and communicating to foster cooperation and gain support while removing roadblocks.

“I described myself as a straight shooter with compassion. I’ve been successful in providing multi-tiered coaching support to management and their workforce to unleash greatness, inspire breakthrough engagement and transform performance outcomes.”

Where employees have breached conduct standards, Monica has been a leader in providing dispute resolution direction in mitigating employee related risks involving discipline and grievances, case litigation, and conflict management issues. She focuses on honest, forthcoming interactions between employees, managers, and the organization to create an ‘open door’ culture that recalibrates and refocuses on concerted communication habits, inclusion of others, best practices and retention.

Monica earned a Master of Science degree in Human Resource Management from Central Michigan University and holds a SHRM-CP certification from the Society of Human Resource Management. She also served in the United States Army with specialty training as an Information Technology Specialist. Her community outreach activities include a myriad of interests, but her focuses have been in participating in Habitat for Humanity, Junior Achievement, March of Dimes and mentoring young women. Monica enjoys time with family, trying out her culinary cooking skills, and travelling to exciting destinations.

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