Our Consultants

Our consultants use their unique capabilities to help drive yours.
We are committed to helping you move from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow.

We bring 25+ years of experience partnering with CEOs, CHROs, Vice-Presidents, senior-level executives, and entrepreneurs in root cause analysis and aligning strategy to execution. For 15+ years, our consultants have led high-profile, highly complex, large-scale strategic talent programs. In addition, we have 20+ years in leadership advisory and management consulting working closely with leaders to build and develop best-in-class leadership solutions.

Our consultants are strategic in nature and are equipped to move the needle on our client’s most critical business and leadership challenges.

Meet Our Consultants

Dr. Sharalyn Payne


Dr. Sharalyn Payne leads SMP International’s Leadership Advisory and Management Consulting practice. Based in Dallas, Texas, she is a sought after trusted advisor who works closely with CEOs, CHROs, CFOs, and VPs on critical leadership decisions.

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Monica Madison


With over 10 years expertise in HR and People Management, Monica is a results-focused Human Resource Administrator who delivers workforce solutions that help companies harness the full power of their most valuable asset – employee engagement.

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What Clients Are Saying

Aureka Sanders

Sr. Director of HR

“As an HR leader, I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Sharalyn Payne on several challenges that required an effective coach. Recently, I requested coaching and direction around analyzing multiple career options that were placed in front of me. Dr. Payne provided a structured approach that provoked me to process necessary information, beginning with my prior career aspirations, passion for the business and reviewing my long-term plan. We started by identifying the type of business, its impact on the economy and the requirements of the opportunities presented. Next, we narrowed the career paths, using criteria Dr. Sharalyn presented.  We utilized multiple tactics to determine the best fit for me by reviewing my strengths and opportunities. Dr. Sharalyn was patient, yet realistic, and guided me to make a decision that I felt comfortable with. The coaching was effective and provoked me to consider the big picture and determine how I can contribute to the benefit of any organization.”

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