Institute of Business Transformation

Institute of Business Transformation is a learning experience designed to help leaders enhance their leadership capability, while shaping and transforming the culture of the organization and their teams for lasting success.

The goal of the online learning experience is to be a catalyst for maximized potential, performance, and profitability.

Extraordinary Business Outcomes

Build Competitive Advantage

Attract and Retain Top Talent

Develop Successors for Critical Roles

Maximize Productivity

Build High-Performing Teams

Lead The Market

Leave a Legacy

Achieve Results

Topics include:

Module 1

  • Building Blocks of Organizational Change and Transformation
  • Assessing Organizational Readiness
  • Navigating Change and Uncertainty
  • Organizational and Personal Change and Transformation
  • Business and Personal Resilience

Module 2

  • Strategic Planning
  • Prioritization: Narrowing the Focus to Accomplish
  • Better Business Results
  • Strategic Tradeoffs and Negotiations
  • Building High-Performing Teams
  • Preparing for The Future of Work

Module 3

  • Operationalizing Organizational Values
  • Creating a Listening Culture
  • Leveraging Recognition to Drive Engagement
  • Culture Creation: Creativity, Innovation, Trust,
  • Accountability, and High-Performance
  • Fostering an Agile Work Environment

Module 4

  • Aligning Talent Strategy with Business Strategy
  • Creating Synergies: Value Creation and Value Capture
  • Technology Advancements: Streamlining and Optimizing
  • Using Data to Aid in Decision-Making

Module 5

  • Drivers of Leadership Success
  • Vision Planning
  • Personal Leadership
  • Characteristics and Behaviors of High Performance

Module 6

  • Creating Lasting Change
  • Change Management
  • Change Leadership
  • Early Adopters: Identifying Your Change Agents
  • Beyond the Launch: Engagement Teams

Program overview:


Leaders and high potentials view a brief video delivered by Dr. Sharalyn in 10 minutes or less


Based upon the key principle, leaders take action and apply the principle learned


Leaders and high potentials journal their insights, learnings, findings, next steps, and/or take-aways into the platform


Leaders and high potentials gains access to a community of other like-minded individuals they can learn from and gain additional insights and perspectives


Leaders and high potentials can submit questions to be answered by either Dr. Sharalyn or an industry leader Dr. Sharalyn has hand-picked to provide a response or solution


Leaders and high potentials receive virtual coaching from Dr. Sharalyn


Leader and high potentials create an Individual Development Plan to map out their career path than can be shared with their leader and mentor to assess next steps evaluate opportunities, and plan their future


Leaders and high potentials have the opportunity to continue their development by taking advantage of additional opportunities that are practical, convenient, relevant, and cost-effective

Program is fresh, relevant, timely, practical, and engaging. Information delivered in bite-size pieces with content that is woven together with examples, stories, and humor.

What Clients Are Saying

Valerie H.

VP of HR

"With her leadership, we redesigned our leadership strategy raising the bar for what’s possible, while bringing high-value leadership programs to attract and retain talent. Sharalyn introduced key programs and initiatives that we didn’t have previously and implemented a plan to ensure sustainability and lasting success. She has been an asset to our leadership team. "

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