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Award-Winning Speaker, Executive Leadership Coach, Trusted Advisor and Strategist, and Author of Unstuck. Unleashed. Unstoppable and IGNITE

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Topics Dr. Sharalyn Frequently Speaks On

  • Leadership and Management
  • Employee Engagement
  • Employee Experience
  • The Future of Work
  • The Thought Patterns and Behaviors of Superior Performers
  • Healthy Organizational Cultures

Dr. Sharalyn Payne Biography

Award-Winning Speaker, Executive Leadership Coach, Trusted Advisor and Strategist, and Author of Unstuck. Unleashed. Unstoppable and IGNITE.

Dr. Sharalyn Payne is an award-winning speaker, strategist, executive coach, and management consultant. As one of the world’s authorities on the workplace, Dr. Sharalyn is a celebrated speaker and respected thought leader recognized for her insights on leadership, culture, and transformation. Particularly skilled in business transformation, Dr. Sharalyn uses the Develop the Leaders You Need, Create the Company Talent Loves framework to consult on building competitive advantage. Dr. Sharalyn uses her expertise and experiences in corporate America to partner with company leaders in building better companies, stronger leaders, engaged talent, and a more powerful nation.

As the founder of SMP International Management Consulting, LLC. Dr. Sharalyn works with companies and governments to build high-performing teams, navigate through change, and develop the next generation of leaders. Guiding clients through sensitive organizational challenges, Dr. Sharalyn shares her unique perspectives and insights not only on how revolutionizing the workplace can lead to innovation, but also on the techniques needed to create destination organizations. Using lessons learned, provocative questions, and real stories, Dr. Sharalyn positions companies for greater success and bigger wins.

Prior to founding SMP International, Dr. Sharalyn was the Head of Employee Experience and Engagement for a government contractor, where she conceptualized and oversaw Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Wellness and Wellbeing, and Rewards and Recognition programs. In addition, Dr. Sharalyn Prior to that, she served 15+ years as an Organizational Effectiveness Leader for top-tier organizations such as Citi and JP Morgan Chase. There Dr. Sharalyn successfully led multiple high complex, high-profile organizational transformation initiatives simultaneously including the Leadership Development, Talent and Performance Management, Succession Planning and Critical Talent Programs. Dr. Sharalyn’s efforts have resulted in several companies attaining workplace designations such as Best Places to Work. In addition, Dr. Sharalyn is the author of Unstuck. Unleashed. Unstoppable, a practical guide to overcome the derailers and barriers hindering optimal performance.

Dr. Sharalyn created the Institute of Leadership and Culture, a forum equipping executives and their teams with the principles needed to lead the market, achieve both operational excellence and organization effectiveness, and create lasting success. Dedicated to teaching company leaders how to become and remain an employer of choice, Dr. Sharalyn has trained thousands of leaders on the approach she’s used to position companies to recruit and retain top talent.

Dr. Sharalyn is an advocate for workplace reform and is writing her next book, Reshaping Leadership: Powerful Principles for Maximizing Potential, Performance, Productivity, and Profitability. Dr. Sharalyn graduated from Freed-Hardeman University with a doctorate degree in Leadership. She is trained to administer various psychometric instruments including HOGAN assessments as well as EQ-I 2.0 and EQ 360 and she is based out of Dallas, Texas.

Dr. Sharalyn Payne Videos

Need a Compelling Transformative Thought Leader to Activate Your Audience?

Dr. Sharalyn inspires, awakens, activates audiences to think bigger, surpass expectations, and achieve the seemingly impossible. Expect a transformative speaker who infuses storytelling and research with real stories, truths, and a compelling call to action.

What Clients Are Saying

Cathy Long

Sr. Director, HR

"One of the things I most appreciate about Sharalyn is she is sophisticated in her approach. When working with leaders individually and in group settings, she has an ability to meet them where they are and take them higher. Viewing problems from the lens of the C-Suite, allows her to quickly build trust – making leaders feel comfortable, heard, and respected. As a structured communicator and one who consistently delivers beyond the expectations, leaders trust her professional opinion and request Dr. Sharalyn to partner on critical initiatives. She operates with excellence, leads with clarity, and creates an environment to unleash creativity, innovation, and successful, timely execution."

Transform. Inspire. Awaken. Activate

Transform Thinking. Awaken Possibility. Inspire Action. Activate Potential.

  • Signature Speaking Style and Approach
  • Pre-Planning Session
  • During the Experience
  • Post-Engagement

I’m deeply familiar with the challenges and complexities leaders face. I know what it’s like to lead high-performing teams, challenging teams, new lines of business, and turnaround struggling divisions. Everything I teach is with these concepts in mind because I understand the pressure leaders face when the stakes are high.

When the stakes are high, you need an expert, which is why I am a transformational speaker above all else.

I’m energetic. I move around the room. I use the fullness of my voice. I ask provocative questions. I tell great stories designed to connect, relate, and create a strong emotional connection so they can listen to apply key learnings as compared to listening to be motivated or inspired.

The goal is to transform and deliver results that lead to sustainable outcomes.

To provide the best experience and ensure the event aligns with the vision and goal of the meeting planner and/or organization’s sponsor, I offer a pre-planning session prior to the event coupled with an event questionnaire to tailor a session that is both reliable and personal.

Executive sponsors and meeting planners are given direct access to myself prior to our engagement so that we can move forward in alignment, excellence, and ease.

On the day of the experience, I arrive early both for virtual events as well as in-person experiences to test equipment, technology, meet and greet, and ensure we are able to begin the session at the designated time.

Upon request, clients may request a short audio, video, or introduction to the material and purpose of the experience to help generate excitement and allow the audience to attend the session with questions that may be answered during the session.

Clients may receive supporting materials or access to additional learning opportunities to cement the learning.

My style varies throughout the experience as a facilitator of learning. Experiences are designed as lecturer, facilitator, and interviewer. Each session is fun, engaging, and enlightening.

I look forward to providing research, cutting edge insights, different perspectives, relevant examples, real-life stories, powerful strategies, and practical tips during each experience.

I’m committed to adding value, return on investment, and continuous improvement. My preference is to return to the organization 30 to 45 days after the experience to hear how things have changed, learn of results, and answer any outstanding questions or questions that may have arisen once the experience has concluded.


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