We are a research and advisory center that provides practical solutions that enable organizations to solve pressing problems, develop exemplary leaders, create healthy organizational cultures, and deliver exceptional employee experiences.


As a thought leader, SMP International conducts research, makes discoveries, and provides practical solutions to complex organizational challenges that advance knowledge on important topics that benefit humanity.

We are conducting research that will transform the employee experience enabling companies across the world to maximize potential and performance while attaining and sustaining a reputation as employers of choice. Our vision is to provide deep insights based on our research to increase leader effectiveness, align strategic imperatives, and attain operational excellence.

We believe our gains and data intelligence contributes to the health, vibrancy, and resilience of employees, families, and communities. We are hard at work to change the dynamic of the world in which we work and live. The important work our firm does makes the world better for all.

Find out how we can help your organization use data and research to improve the quality of decision-making and create exceptional business outcomes.

In addition to professional research, we also partner on scholarly (academic) research to spur ideas and questions for future research. We collaborate with students and professors looking to use our insights and learnings in thesis, dissertations, peer-reviewed journals, and academic conferences.

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In addition, we are always looking to partner with the C-suite, executives, industry leaders, HR professionals, governments, and heads of states to create leaders and organizations that improve humanity and the world in which we live for each one of us. 

We have expertise and conduct research in the areas of focus listed below. 

SMP International Expertise and Areas of Focus:

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Strategy
  • Organizational Health
  • Culture
  • Employee Experience
  • Employers of Choice
  • High Performing Teams
  • Attributes of Highly Successful People
  • Best Places to Work Organizations
  • Organizational Transformation
  • Mentoring
  • Coaching

Academic Partnerships

We partner with graduate students pursuing higher education degrees and provide advisory services, insights, data, assessments, and tools that result in new ideas leveraged by our clients to create desired business outcomes.

We require all students and professors interested in research to complete an application process for review. The application process provides us with information on your research topic, research design, and proposed timeline so that we may determine research acceptance. After submitting an application, please allow 2-4 weeks to process your request.

Please email us at with questions you may have regarding your application.

We are honored you are interested in partnering with us and we look forward to partnering with you on your academic journey!

Featured Research

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  • What Leadership Behaviors Lead to Employee Turnover in a Remote and Hybrid Workplace?
  • Why Some Teams Fail and Others Succeed?
  • What Are the Environment Forces That Drive or Restrain Desired Change?
  • What Are The Attributes of High Performers in the Digital Transformation Age?
  • What Engagement Drivers Correlate With Employee Retention?
  • What Influences African Americans to Enroll in Mentoring Programs?
  • African American Parents’ and Students’ Perceptions Regarding Enrollment in a Life Skills Focused Mentoring Program
    Factors Influencing African American Parent’s Decisions to Enroll Their Child in a Mentoring Program

Research Program Application

Please attach your 2-3 page proposal here. You may also email your proposal to Included in your proposal should be your topic, hypothesis, research design, instruments used, sample questions, and how your study will enhance the profession and differs from current literature. Please clearly indicate how your study will be different from current research in the field. In addition, if you are a student, please indicate if your institution has provided approval to conduct research. If you are using instruments from other researchers, please indicate if you have received permission and/or plan to ascertain permission to use.

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