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Unstuck. Unleashed. Unstoppable.


The book for the person who dares to dream and achieve even more. It’s for the person who is tired of playing it safe. It’s for the person who is hungry and thirsty for a new way of life. This book is for the person who is ready to look the lion in the eyes and go another round. It’s for the person who life tells to give up, but who knows that giving up is the kiss of death. It’s for the person who believe that failure is inevitable, but so is their success. Unstuck. Unleashed. Unstoppable is for the person that can’t stop, won’t stop, and can’t be stopped. Get ready to remove roadblocks, overcome adversity, think differently, and win consistently.



A 30-Day Catalyst for Unleashing God’s Promises of Love, Power, Wealth, and Freedom puts you on the path to push the reset button so you can deconstruct your thinking, enhance your life, invent the person you see yourself as in your wildest dreams, and write the next chapter of your life as only you can. Convinced that an extraordinary life awaits, you can expect to be empowered with the tools needed to free yourself from anything holding you back from living the life you so desire and deserve. Move with intensity towards your dreams and goals and experience remarkable, indescribable success.

EQ – i 2.0: Emotional Intelligence Workplace Report for Individual Contributors

$1,500 / $3,000

An employee’s skills and qualifications are important for success within their role. An employee’s emotional intelligence can be just as important, if not more so, for fulfillment within, or potentially beyond, their current role. The EQ-i 2.0 Workplace Report is designed to be used in instances of coaching and development situations in work settings for an individual at a non-management level. It helps coaches focus on the impact of emotional intelligence at work and offers suggestions for working more effectively in one’s role, with colleagues, supervisors, and clients.

EQ 360: Emotional Intelligence Leadership Report

$1750 / $3500

When looking at a potential, new, or existing leader within an organization, it is not only important to gain an understanding of performance in the workplace but to gain insights into performance from the perspectives of peers, direct reports and supervisors. The Leadership EQ 360 Report allows for an unlimited number of raters to provide feedback and provides insights into opportunities for development. This report can be used for results specific to a workplace context, enabling career and organizational development. It identifies blind spots, strengths, and developmental opportunities in the workplace. The Leadership 360 report lends itself well to a follow-up with the same group of evaluators to compare results and track progress.

What Clients Are Saying

Monica M.

E.R. Consultant

“Dr. Sharalyn thoughtfully steers others toward their greatness.  Dr. Sharalyn is a self-aware leader and has the flexibility to always respond positively despite how other leaders may seem to not always uphold that trait. Dr. Sharalyn is relentlessly aimed at adhering to her values and pursuing results. Dr. Sharalyn is not afraid of difficult conversations and in fact she amplifies robust meaningful dialogue that level sets the listener. Dr. Sharalyn seems to always identify opportunities one can use to reinvent themselves. The lens that Dr. Sharalyn sees the world through is unique, admirable and displays the richness of her perspective and vision. I’m confident that as executives and leaders work with Dr Sharalyn, they see things in themselves they wished they possessed.” 

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