Story and Approach

We provide executives and their teams with the advice, counsel, and guidance needed to maximize potential, performance, and profitability.

Our Thoughts on Leadership.

We are passionate about developing strong, effective leaders, solving complex, mission-critical business priorities, and creating strategies that lead to growth and expansion.

Organizations desiring to maximize potential and strengthen financial performance must rethink leadership, which is the true competitive advantage. Organizations looking to grow and expand into new markets require leaders who are capable of moving the organization forward.

Tomorrow’s self-aware and emotionally intelligent leaders are those who can reimagine the future, see possibilities as well as opportunities and can build teams working in harmony to solve pressing problems and achieve mission-critical objectives.

Organizations need leaders who are able to see the big picture, connect dots faster, are hyperaware of the customer’s needs, wants, and behaviors.Customized leadership programs tailored to the needs of the organization as well as the individual leader will yield more favorable results than programs required for all leaders within an organization.

At SMP International Management Consulting, LLC. we believe employees will contribute more, go the extra mile, and remain loyal in the presence of strong, ethical, and engaged leaders.

Signs of Exemplary Leadership


Employer of choice that thrives with diversity of thought and background


Leadership, managerial, critical talent, and organizational capabilities that accelerate growth and sustainability


Minimal turnover of top and critical talent


High performing accountable, and collaborative workplace with a focus on culture, innovation, and operational excellence


Ability to align and successfully execute growth plans


Ability to identify, forecast, seize, and capitalize on market expansion opportunities

Our Story

What began as a challenge led to the creation of a firm designed to assist leaders in maximizing performance, potential, and profitability. We are committed to helping leaders become more effective and impactful. SMP International was born out of the frustration with the status quo in corporate America. People leaders challenged with developing top talent, creating successors, and driving results both internally and externally. We observed high-performers exiting the organization because of an unhealthy culture, political structures rewarding mediocrity, and the ostracizing of those who don’t readily agree with opposing viewpoints not supported with data intelligence. We grew from an intolerance of the status quo. SMP International has a strong conviction and belief that our world needs leaders and companies who are driven by a desire to improve humanity. We are deeply in need of leaders who advocate for public policies and support both social and political causes that contribute to a stronger economy and the revitalization of families and communities that enable all to flourish.

Believing in the power of strong, shared, and responsible leadership, SMP International got its initial start coaching executives and senior leaders. Initially, we worked with leaders to create strategy, enhance self-awareness, and shape powerful stories inspiring camaraderie and engagement to achieve business priorities.

Leaders began to take notice of our ability to deliver rich, powerful insights that enabled leaders to view challenges and experiences from multiple perspectives, consider alternative approaches, see things differently, and make better decisions contributing to the organization’s success. We have continued to grow and expand our offerings correlated with leadership, management, strategy, healthy organizational cultures, and diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Today, we conduct and publish research on the attributes of leaders, highly successful people, top performers, workplace landscapes, and employee experiences. We leverage our findings to help leaders accelerate and improve performance, increase profitability, and solidify reputations as employers of choice. Our efforts are centered on the possibilities that can arise with strong leadership. We believe every problem can be solved with strong leaders who are committed to making an impact.

Our Approach

At SMP International Management Consulting LLC, our underlying hope is that organizations embrace exemplary leadership and healthy organizational cultures as the true competitive advantage. We know that leaders set the tone for the future and are critical in increasing profitability. Our focus centers on helping organizations lead the market, garner a reputation as an employer of choice, and capitalize on market growth opportunities.

We are committed to partnering with organizations enhance leader capability. We build leaders that inspire employees to give and be their best everyday not only professionally, but also for themselves, their families, and the greater world in which we live. Everything we do is with the lens that every organizational problem or challenge begins and ends with leadership.

We work with leaders to strengthen their capability to create exceptional outcomes with talented employees who are valued, appreciated, challenged, and championed. Leaders are empowered to create camaraderie leading to individual, team, and organizational

success. We encourage leaders to operationalize values and embed those values throughout the organization so that all have a responsibility in protecting the culture.

We are methodical in our approach focusing on delivering customized solutions tailored to your unique needs and organizational challenges. Our approach begins with gaining a deep understanding from the initial stakeholder on business objectives and strategic imperatives. Solutions we design are reflective of your mission, values, goals, and culture. We focus on strategies and tactics that are simple, rather than complex, allowing for successful implementation and sustainability. Each solution is evidence-based, practical, time-sensitive, measurable, and insightful. We’re ready to partner with you in creating strong, effective leaders who deliver exceptional outcomes.

How Can We Support You?


Help You Develop Exemplary Leaders


Help You Achieve Mission-Critical Business Priorities


Help You Connect to the Hearts, Minds, and Spirits of Team Members

What Makes Us Different?


We bring a unique perspective to our partners. We are appreciated thought leaders who use provocative questions, industry knowledge, trends, and data backed by research to help our clients see what’s possible.


We are experts at helping leaders with a track record of accomplishments uncover a world where they see themselves and their worlds differently, achieve seemingly impossible goals, and attain greater levels of success.


Our clients are encouraged to think big and connect with the hearts, spirits, and minds of their employees and customers.

Ready to Maximize the Potential, Performance, and Productivity of Your Leaders?