Who We Are

Organizations must be more purposeful, intentional, and responsible when choosing people leaders

Together, we are shaping workplaces where leaders are responsible, talent thrives, companies are profitable, and humanity advances

SMP International Management Consulting, LLC is a leadership advisory and management consulting firm providing executives and their teams with provocative questions, fresh insights, rich perspectives, and practical, research-based cutting-edge solutions needed to maximize potential, performance, and profitability.

SMP International is committed to helping you solve complex, pressing business problems, develop exemplary leaders, create healthy organizational cultures, and deliver exceptional employee experiences.

Unlock the Secrets of  Superior Talent


Discover the Strategies Employed By the World’s Best Organizations to Create and Sustain High-Performing Teams

Get exclusive insights into how the world’s top organizations attract and retain top talent, drive engagement and collaboration, and achieve unparalled levels of productivity. Perfect for forward-thinking CEOs ready to transform their organization and maximize their organization’s full potential.

Our Purpose

Our reach extends far beyond leadership advisory and management consulting.

We exist to do our part to leave the world better because of our intentional actions, cutting edge research, creative strategies, and rich insights leveraged by the powerful to make themselves and others better for all of humanity.

Developing the leaders you need and creating the company they love is more than a cute slogan. It’s our starting point to sparking the necessary conversations that allow us to get to the root of the problem internally and externally.

Together, we can revolutionize the workplace, transform communities and countries, and build a better world.

Our Vision

We use our stories, powerful coaching, and world class programs to inspire leaders to change the world.

SMP International is the preferred resource for organizations desiring to attain a competitive advantage and improve financial performance. We are revered for our ability to solve pressing business problems, develop strong, effective, and impactful leaders, and create rich employee cultures.

The work we do results in our partner organizations being recognized as employers of choice, best places to work, talent factories, and market shapers.

Working alongside world leaders, researchers, academia, and the best and the brightest, we are called on to consult on policies, make recommendations, and create forums to not only make significant progress, but also to address some of the most important challenges with implications that extend beyond workplace or country borders.

Our Company Values

We leave people and organizations better than we found them.

We think big and critically. We use provocative questions and powerful coaching to help our clients make better decisions. We help our clients create focused strategic action plans with clear measures of success.

We love who we are and what we do.

We are passionate, mission driven and purposed-minded. We’re calculated risk-takers, who enjoy solutioning for results. We execute methodically and skillfully remaining focused on the end goal. We have fun and infuse laughter into everything we do. We remain open, honest, authentic, and relatable.

We grow. We lead. We optimize.

We positively disrupt the environment. We enhance our skills. We proactively seek growth opportunities and personal mastery. We pave the way looking for opportunities where others see challenges.

We believe everything is possible.

We inspire, awaken, and activate others to accomplish the extraordinary and do the impossible.

Our Impact

The work we do is meaningful, impactful, and extends beyond the workplace. We partner with you to develop the leaders your company needs, while creating the company employees love. Together, we are shaping workplaces where leaders are responsible, employees thrive, companies are profitable, and humanity advances.


of the companies we support are Fortune 500 organizations, industry leaders, and market shapers

1 Million

people impacted by our measurable best-in-class leadership and employee engagement solutions


years of Change Leadership and Organizational Transformation experience


years of experience solving leadership challenges


senior leaders assessed and coached at the Director level and above

160 +

countries impacted by our global initiatives

Causes We Support

We are humanitarians. Our belief has and always will be to leave people and organizations better than we found them.

We exist to make a meaningful and significant difference in the world. We seek to partner with organizations that provide hope and improve society for all.

We are committed to supporting organizations who have a goal of eradicating poverty in underserved communities, eliminating systemic racism in the workplace, addressing economic injustice, advocating for educational reform, serving as an ally for marginalized populations, supporting mental health awareness, and fighting cancer.

Our Industry and Supplier Certifications

What Clients Are Saying


VP of Strategy

“Sharalyn is super sharp! Sharalyn is such a structured thinker who demands attention and has high standards. As a coach, Sharalyn has added tremendous value to our organization, particularly in helping us to make decisions. I’ve had the pleasure of partnering and collaborating with Sharalyn on achieving strategic imperative for my organization. I’ve learned a lot from Sharalyn as she’s coached us on how to stand up a key initiative. Sharalyn is confident, smart, eloquent, and hard-working. Sharalyn is always professional, engaged, and actively facilitating solutions thinking. I’m extremely impressed with Sharalyn’s ability to assess leaders’ competencies.”

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